Why Pine Straw?

There are several excellent reasons to use pine straw as ground cover:

  1. Ideally, pine straw only needs to be refreshed twice a year. The straw is freshest in January and February, so that is the best time to install.
  2. Pine straw will not wash away during heavy rains and will not blow away in strong winds. It will adhere to steep slopes well and prevent erosion.
  3. Pine straw is a great deterrent against weeds and is insect and rodent free.
  4. Pine straw is easy to install and the old straw does not need to be removed.
  5. Pine straw has even coloring which will not detract from your flowers. It is a great way to beautify any landscape. 
  6. Pine straw helps the soil maintain warmth during the winter and can be used to line pet pens to keep your pets warm.


before landscape beautifying


after landscape beautifying

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